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Embracing the Planet

The new season of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone has started last night with amazing performance Embracing the Planet. We follow the story of misplaced San bushman who was denied for the birthright of using his mother tongue. Lost in his life journey gets across of a spirit, who becomes his guide on the path of reconnection to the thread of light. Performes supported by rich video imagery are along with the audience, totally immerse in the incredible sound which , either we want it or not, affects with its frequencies our bodies, minds, and completes the universal story ... What have we done? the name of civilization and the progress? ..... what is one's mission on this planet? ....

Excellent performance is a fruition of collaboration and work of many
Philippe Pelen Baldini - author, artistic director, choreographer, director
Thierry Moucazambo - assistant director, performer, choreographer,
Irven Morapedi Teme - performer, choreographer,
Jemremy Roske - musician, performer
Vania - sound, music and sound tracks
Eric Angels - video creator
Jean - light
Joshua - sound
Kiran - costumes
Riju - organisation

The San bush people of the Africa desert believed we are each connected by a thread of light to the stars, nature and all life. Their wisdom says - when the thread is cute, we suffer, what they call "star sickness". We are left disoriented , isolated and alone - breeding anger, fear, greed and separation... Can we find this lost thread of light? Can we connect once again, to our cosmic roots?

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Jul 2015

Shraddhavan filmed interview

Shraddhavan is the Sanskrit name given by the Mother, in June 1972,' to an English woman who joined Auroville in 1970 and has lived here ever since. After studying English Language and Literature at Bristol University in the U.K. she travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia before coming to Auroville. Here, she works as an educator, translator, editor and writer. Several of her poems, stories, essays and book reviews have been published in the Ashram journal Mother India as well as in Heritage magazine.

At present Shraddhavan is in charge of the Savitri Bhavan, a centre focusing on Sri Aurobindo studies, and especially his revelatory epic poem Savitri. - Ce film vous est presente par Rakhal et Francois Gautier dans le cadre de la serie de reportages qu'ils ont realises sur les pionniers d'Auroville. '

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Nov 2013

Breaking new grounds

Iyyanar is the caretaker of the Brihaspati farm, which is beyond the village of Edayanchiavadi to the west of Auroville. He moved to Brihaspati in 2002 soon after the departure of former residents who lacked farming experience. In an interview with the AurovilleRadio, he recounts the hardships he encountered before his arrival at the farm. Iyyanar uses farming techniques that he had learned earlier resourcefully and has increased the production. For the first time, Brihaspati farm has started selling vegetables and milk to the Auroville community. He expresses his willingness to work harder and to give more to the community but wants more support and help to run the farm. Naveen and Sudhakar interviewed Iyyanar.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Oct 2010

Five years of special radio

On 5ht of December 2004 AurovilleRadio was “born”. In interesting interview with Andrea we overview last five years from its early beginnings to today, and what actually AurovilleRadio is to the' community, and what it is to the other world. Nevertheless the progress of community in whole is' very much related to the level of flux of information, and in Auroville especially that is of the vital point, because the people who live here are form all over the world, are indeed so different, and to live in unity in diversity information need to be shared. Happy birthday!

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Dec 2009

How Close Are We?

The Pavilion of French Culture shows, at regular intervals, video interviews with Aurovilians who knew the Mother. Screenings take place at Cinema Paradiso, Town Hall. As Rakhal explains, until today 25 interviews have been recorded, with more to be done. Rakhal and Francois Gautier are working on them, and, as Rakhal says, in general it is very touchy to record these testimonial reflections on the past and future development of Auroville. At the same time, the interviews are vivid documents of the growth that has happened.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Dec 2013

Beach Erosion

What if the permanent changes which we all think is permanent, in just words? What if we can undo the changes and restore the initial structure. Here comes an interesting conversation with the pioneer, Guy Ryckert, from the Quiet Healing Center and Rajen Parekh, representing PondyCAN. They explain the root causes of the problem on Puducherry - Tamil Nadu coast line and present the soft solutions that can be implemented, only if everyone's full attention and approval lies within the both sides of the coin.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Nov 2010

Curriculum d`un Aurovillium

J'ignore si les sniors d'aujourd'hui sont toujours les juniors de demain. Mais faisons semblant de rien. A travers le banal curriculum vit – qui pourrait tout aussi bien tre un curriculum mort – nous dcouvrons la petite histoire d'un pionnier de notre cit. Notre chronique se conjuguera donc, non pas au pass simple imparfait du subjonctif, mais au participe futur du pass conditionnel, mme si pour tous profs de franais ceci est un dlit qui mrite la correctionnel.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jul 2010

Shyama's Interview Part 2

On December 5th, Francois and Rakhal projected the 2nd part of Shyama's (Certitude) interview. This is an extremely moving movie as Shyama recounts the very beginnings of Auroville, her unique relationship with the Mother, the death of the first Auroson and the birth of the second one, as well as her insights into Auroville today. Shyama had seven children and her life, courage and strength are an inspiration to all. The 5th of December is Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi and it is a fitting day as Shyama, the name given by the Mother, is one of Krishna's names.


Comments: 0 Date: 06 Dec 2013

Forecomers Community 1968

The earliest settlers on the land of Auroville: Debora and Bob. Listen to Debora reminisce about those days, back in 1968....Forecomers is the name Mother gave to that area and Debora and Bob were those pioneers to come first. Under primitive conditions they built a basic strructure on an arid plain overlooking a canyon, chosen for its beauty. Water was delivered daily by truck which meant boiling it for drinking as well as learning to bathe with perhaps two cups of the precious commodity, until a bore well was prepared. Debora, visiting Auroville today, finds the present living conditions indeed luxurious compared to 40 years ago. She also describes meeting the Mother.

Comments: 1 Date: 02 Nov 2010

Goupi`s Fabulous Travel

Jean-Pierre was only 24 years old when he first stepped in Sri Aurobindo's Ashram in 1966 after having sailed from Marseille, France 11 months before. He then met Mother and the day of his 26th birthday she gave to him this name of Guru Prasad “Goupi” that he still carries nowadays. Last time that he had been out of station was May 1968's chaotic students events in France, and mainly because he crossed all the steps towards Auroville's present situation, our team decided to interview him at the eve of his “fabulous travel” back to France.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Apr 2010