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Home Building for Dignified Livin

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After three week long Auroville Green Practices Summer School 22 students, mostly of architecture, yesterday presented to the community their work – From House to Home Building for a Dignified Living. Divided in teams, each working on specific part of construction, living and human activity, with limited budget they were searching for best possible solutions satisfying parameters existing in today’s life. Yet they went further in their search of sustainable home, off the grid(water, electricity), possible to survive natural calamities.

Auroville Green Practices Summer School – From House to Home Building for a Dignified Living, was three week learning program for students of architecture, design, environment and engineering. This program is an initiative using Auroville and its outstanding experience in human unity & sustainable living as a platform for learning and personal growth of students. The program was bases on an approach that nurtures hands skills), head (competencies) and heart inner capacities) of students. In the last three week students designed and build a small volunteer accommodation at the Sacred Grove site, near Aurodam. … Leading forces behind the summer’s school of AV Green Practices with AV Consulting were Shefali and Martin, Stefani Overbeck, Vimal, Manu, Lazar, Daniel, Lucas, Balu, CSR, Jeff, Paul, Deepti, Toine, Mona, Aurelio…..

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