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Photographer: | Vanitha, Chandrah and Anna Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | Movie Take Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | Vimal the Camera Man Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | Early morning shoot at the beach Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | Jesse working on the story board and editing Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | A sketch Photographer:Lilith Fashion School | Gaby Ze Pattern Master!

Lilith Fashion School Presents..!

Program by :

This Sat in the Visitors Center a short film created by the students of the Lilith Fashion School, Auroville’s first apprenticeship program for its youth. Chandrah and Vanitha speak about their experience in the school and of the six months it took to make the film!
A good occasion to support the youth of Auroville in a fun and relaxing manner!

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Hari M Mohanan Jun 07, 2015 Reply

Its great hearing about what you doing !!! Ultimately you have to be happy. The question and answers were equally fantastic. The movie is fantastic and share the film with my friends. Will try things which give more color to your school and lives. I miss meeting you guys when i was there 🙂 Hope to see you guys and share experience
Thank you auroville radio to bring people who are talented and works hard and follow their passion
All the best and all my love and support to you guys

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03 Jun / 2015

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Vanitha, Chandrah and Anna
Movie Take
Vimal the Camera Man
Early morning shoot at the beach
Jesse working on the story board and editing
A sketch
Gaby Ze Pattern Master!