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Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol In Mother's Symbol - Designed By Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother - September 14,  1969

Mother's Q & A – 30/11/55, Part 1

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Mother’s Questions and Answers, November 30, 1955, Part 1

Mother explains that weather conditions are caused by small entities which we can talk to if we want a change in the weather. She teaches that all forces are personal and all things in Nature are personal, but if we consider them as impersonal things our relationship with them is impersonal. It seems that at the time of this class there is a lot of rain which could interfere with a performance if it is not stopped. Mother speaks about her investigation into the real reason for the rain. This week there is no original French tape recording of Mother’s class.

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Sri Aurobindo's Symbol In Mother's Symbol - Designed By Mother
Mother - September 14,  1969