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Photographer:Alberto | Raising Shinto Gate of the new Trash Mahal on 24th of Nov. Photographer:web | Penumbral lunar eclipse on 28th 5.44pm to 10.21pm

New MAgzAV, Donations, Courage

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BCC inviting the community to an open hour on Thursday between 4-5 pm on first floor of Town Hall. The new issue of MAgzAV'(Art and Culture, Auroville, issue #7) is available in pdf’ form in the Newsletters section of Auronet.’It can also be viewed on and In case you would like your free copy delivered, please email them (mentioning your community) at In Creativity’s Hall of Light from 2nd Paintings by Audrey benefit for Neelanjani Visual Arts Center .

Lord, we pray to Thee: May we understand better why we are here. May we do better what we have to do here, may we be what we ought to become here, so that Thy will may be fulfilled harmoniously. The Words of The Mother, Vol.12

Courage (pure red) The courage is to be able to face everything in life without the slightest emotion in any part of the being and with a constant awareness of the Divine presence. The Mother

Dear Friends,

The AurovilleRadio needs your support.’ Since 2004 we run the AurovilleRadio out of love and passion. To maintain ‘this service and share it for free without advertising we ask for your support. Please donate some money to the project. Follow this link ‘’and remember to specify ‘AurovilleRadio”in the Project / Specific Auroville areas. After donating ‘Please send us an email so we ‘can thank you personally.

Thanks for your support and keep listening!!’

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