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Photographer:Breeda | SLI team Photographer:Breeda | SLI building in Kottakari Photographer:Breeda | ohm choir Photographer:Breeda | Alan relfecting Photographer:Breeda | Joss relfecting Photographer:Breeda | launching the book Photographer:Breeda | Ram and Satish

One year of SLI

Program by :

Tranquil sunny ambient of the courtyard of Sustainable Livleihood Institute facilitated the graceful occasion of celebration for one year of existence. And indeed in one year SLI came to life with full force, fresh energy which truly empowered over 1000 participants through numerous programs. Further a strong bridge between rural Tamil Nadu and Auroville is being built with all of that.
Young team of 14 young members energeticaly managing all the programs while they grow as well.

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25 Mar / 2016

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SLI team
SLI building in Kottakari
ohm choir
Alan relfecting
Joss relfecting
launching the book
Ram and Satish