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Photographer:Zarin | Stephanie Photographer:web | Englihs classes with Jill Photographer:web | some of the youth participating in program Photographer:web | some youth

Reach For the Stars

Program by :

Before her departure to Germany Stephanie, the funder of the project “Reach For the Stars” for students of bioregion, has stop at our studio, and share with us some facts and insights on it.
This year the project will be 5 years old and in that period all together 61 young adults from Auroville neighboring villages participated. Stephanie with the team of 8 people created a bridge between private donors, mostly from Germany, and children who are either coming from poorer or nonfunctional families. Personal interaction, and support on many levels is present, which creates a different relationship with care and responsibilities on both sides.
Those youngster participating in the project are given scholarship to pursue their academic education, and up to today 13 of them have already finished, amongst one is a medical student.

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17 Apr / 2015

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Englihs classes with Jill
some of the youth participating in program
some youth