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Daily Archives: 2011/08/13

Vasudev Murthy on the Oudh

Professor Vasudev Murthy has incorporated and adapted the Indian/Hindustani scales and music technique to the Arabic Oudh. For him music is a true friend. Feeling the music is the most essential aspect of appreciation, learning and playing. Raags are names of feelings, when played right, they create a perceivable image for the listener. Recognition of notes is a process that takes time and experience and is a milestone to reach. Musicians not only hear sounds but also hear the parallel structures of the notes, but it does not come easy.

Professor Vasudev Murthy is the author of the book “What the Raags Told Me”.

Comments: 1 Date: 13 Aug 2011

Naga Mandala

Play within the play, multiple layer story about certain women’s issues that are swept under the carpet for very long. Naga Mandala or “Questioning” , is the adaptation of Girish Karnad story about king cobra with magical powers. Young and naive wife of indifferent husband is growing her awareness with the help of the blind wise woman and king cobra. Story could have different turns, and different endings, all is up on who is telling the story, and yet here Rani (young wife) got her last word with the help of the excited audience.

Adapted from the play by Girish Karnad
With: Partha, Rena, Swar, Savitri Maya, Deepa, Raja, Rajaram, Amudha, Lorraine, Velvizhi, Thanajayan, Boobalan, Vedivel, and the Mohanam Sound Crew & More!
Music by Girish Rao
Rendition of Bound to you by Jenny Lindquist
Directed by Jill
What is the play about? Love, honor, betrayal, sacrifice, magic, foolishness. Through the characters of the magic cobra, the indifferent husband, the naive wife (who grows in awareness), the wise woman and her fallible son … Karnad suggests in Naga-Mandala, that women’s tales in general, are intimately connected with their being able to tell their own stories, and of those stories being heard. Karnad’s play also underscores the reiterative power of storiesand for women, whose stories for centuries have either been erased, or submerged, or appropriated by patriarchal structures, speech is power.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Aug 2011

Upasana Open House

The textile design studio Upasana had opened their doors last Saturday afternoon to welcome the public with tea and snacks. Many came some even from fare to get to know about the inspiring social development projects that have been created here. During this occasion Uma, the founder of this unit, has shared how she has started Upasana in 1997 in a little hut with only one sewing machine and no electricity and how it developed into what it is today. After Mandakini who is one of the project leaders talked with us about her experiences.

Comments: 2 Date: 13 Aug 2011
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