Photographer:Tanja | Tsunamika dolls Photographer:Tanja | Uma is the founder of Upasana Photographer:Tanja | Mandakini is a project leader in Upasana Photographer:Tanja | Vivek is a project manager in Upasana Photographer:Tanja | Ulla is a coordinator in Upasana
13 Aug / 2011Program by:
Featured: UmaLanguage: English

Upasana Open House

The textile design studio Upasana had opened their doors last Saturday afternoon to welcome the public with tea and snacks. Many came some even from fare to get to know about the inspiring social development projects that have been created here. During this occasion Uma, the founder of this unit, has shared how she has started Upasana in 1997 in a little hut with only one sewing machine and no electricity and how it developed into what it is today. After Mandakini who is one of the project leaders talked with us about her experiences.



  • C.Jayanarayana

    What impresses me most is that in every activity the emotional inclusion gives the end product a meaning and its sustainability. Anybody can do one or other creative thing or thinking but it is the sincerity with which we attempt to create something keeping in mind all the options like its social impact, satisfaction, compatibility economic viability and contribution towards economy etc; are few important factors. Upasana has survived for several years, despite the global competition is something that itself speak of its values and efforts.

  • C.Jayanarayana

    I am not technically qualified to comment on such an Institution which has been built by eminent personalities and qualified people. However, I convey my best wishes.