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13 Sep / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Gift Economy for CD

About CD Made In Auroville and about live music concert with artist from the CD in Kalabhumi on Friday 16th at 8 pm we talked with Caroline from Auroville Performing Artist group. For the World Bamboo Day on 18th of September Auroville Bamboo Research Centre prepared various events to celebrate it. All it will culminate on Saturday with morning market at Visitor Centre and with special dinner – fashion show – bamboo music evening also at Visitor Centre. In today’s news we feature excerpt of interview with Balu on bamboo celebrations.

Even the body has to submit to a mutation and be no longer the clamorous animal or the impeding clod it now is, but become instead a conscious servant and radiant instrument and living form of the spirit.The Synthesis of Yoga , Sri Aurobindo