Photographer:Akshay | Sanjay Bhutiani (Left) and Adil Hussain (Right) after their interview with AurovilleRadio
28 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: Adil HussainLanguage: English

A Chat with the Leading Actor, and Producer of Mukti Bhawan

AurovilleRadio was in for a treat as we interviewed Adil Hussain and Sanjay Bhutiani, the leading actor and producer respectively, of Mukti Bhawan, which played at the Pondicherry International Film Festival.

In a fun chat, they spoke about everything from Mr. Bhutiani working with his son on the film, to Mr. Hussain’s fears of being typecast and his experience as a trained clown! The duo talked about what makes Mukti Bhawan such a special film, and what they see in the future for their respective careers.

(Mukti Bhawan is listed as Hotel Salvation on IMDB)