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A presentation by Michele Decoust

Le Pavillon de France présente UN INSTANT D’ÉTERNITÉ
L’’Art Lumière de Viviane José Restieau
Film Exceptionnel de Michèle Decoust. Projection en présence de la réalisatrice

Version française avec sous-titres anglais (55 min-2015)

Wednesday 20 janvier 2015 at 17 h
Cinéma Paradiso (Town Hall)

This film by Michèle Decoust * presented for the first time the extraordinary life of  a painter, Viviane José Restieau, and the Odyssey of her  inspiration whose work  “directly” transcends the singularity of a life.
Art Light, a part of the truth of our times, in quantum physics we discover that we are the atoms of a single great body, connected to the Earth and the Cosmos, and in solidarity with the same destiny.
This unconventional piece challenges leading physicists, paleontologists and internationally renowned professors of medicine, plunging them into the sources of our humanity, and the origins of life. And are thus connected in multiple styles and beyond dogma, the great archetypes of the living, sacred geometry of its forms, the embryo-genesis, totems signs Peoples Roots, or the revelations of the Vedas and Sufi mystics.
Entirely carried by the breath –  SATPREM’s work is also a vibrant source- Art Light reveals, illuminates, and heals.

Michele* Decoust is a writer and filmmaker. Since 2010, she has directed  “Auroville Earth for Tomorrow “, ” Auroville, The Golden Link ”  and a “Brief Infinity”  (in collaboration with Gabrielle Baud).