Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Aarnav keying up 2C?B techno music Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Aarnav Bos
04 Dec / 2018Program by:

Aarnav's Atmosphere Transformed Kalabhumi Goes Live November 2018

The Kalabhumi Studio turned down the lights and turned up the sound for 2C?B whose music would suit any worthy rave party. The crowd responded to the sounds rhythmically moving around while enjoying pizza made by the Youth Center.

Based in Auroville, India, 2C?B is a collaborative project between producer Aarnav Bos and instrumentalist Dhani Muniz. With a wide range of disparate influences, their aim behind the project is to point toward a rawer, more immediate form of psychedelic techno, using improvisation, minimalism, and polyphony to create new ranges of texture.

Armed with a $200 sequencer, a fretless bass, and a small array of analog pedals, 2C?B is a step into the unknown for both musicians, and hopefully for listeners as well.