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Aarohan – ep.7 “The famous sons of Pandhrekauda !”

Aarohan Episode 7 – The famous sons of Pandhrekauda !

Pt. Arun Kashalkar – Raga Multani

Pt. Vikas Kashalkar – Bandish in Raga Kamod

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar – Bandish in Raga Jaitshri

Pt. Arun Kashalkar – Bandish in Raga Des

Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar – Raga Shiv Kalyan



  • Vishal Moghe

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful recordings

    • Yogini

      Glad you enjoyed the Episode Vishal 🙂 This is amazing music which should be wider heard !

  • Yogini

    Correction : Friends, kindly note that Pt. Rajabhau Kogje was trained under Rasoolan Bai and NOT Siddheshwari Devi as mistakenly mentioned in this episode ! Error is regretted _/\_

  • 🙏🏽 Thank you so much for these precious recordings. Loved the way these recordings are presented.

    • Yogini

      Thank you for the words of appreciation Mukul. It has been pleasure to work on the curation a presentation of these masters 🙂