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11 Nov / 2015Program by:

Active Residents Assembly (ARA)

Active Residents Assembly (ARA) – an introductory meeting took place on Thursday, 5th November. This effort comes from The Governance Action Group inviting interested people.
-The ambience was good and had many long silences filled with aspiration and questioning (these have been edited out of the recording). Finally areas needing attention were listed but its not clear how these will develop into action, however if anything was achieved it was the possibility to meet together once again in relative harmony and a wish for progress, if only this aspect begins to effect our meeting culture than some practical action will have come forth.-

Agenda for this meeting:

We will clarify once again the aims and proposed functioning of the ARA.
We will also decide together upon the topics we would like to focus upon in our monthly meetings
We will decide which topic we will take up first.
Let us try together to evolve a new way of meeting.

Vision Statement:

As committed members of the ARA, Aurovilians offer their participation towards renewing and enhancing the capacity and effectiveness, as well as the Spirit, of the Residents Assembly, with an aim for building Human Unity and Peace in the community. Members agree to be actively engaged in seeking solutions that integrate and reconcile all sides of an issue or problem, while seeking an increased role for Intuition as the true guide for the discovery of integral solutions. Members should participate with openness to learning and growing in a spirit of Sincere Service, Collaboration and Goodwill, where the evolution of a Learning Society becomes central to the collective development.