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05 Aug / 2015Program by:
Featured: Jacob LusenoLanguage: English

African Mix #2

We continue our journey through Africa with some of African music styles such as afropop, lingala, swahili, benga, ndombolo lngolo….


Jacob Luseno – Mukangala
Osito Kale – Jehova Kingi
Dr. Jose Chameleone – Wale Wal e
Femi Kuti – Beng Beng Beng
Mr Ong’eng’o – Entururu
Nyma Ya Bata
Yondo Sister – Mbuta Mutu
Cool James – Sina Makosa
Jacob Luseno – Katinde
JB Mpiana – Ndombolo
Culture Musical Club – Afrikafestival Hertme 2009 taraab


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