Photographer:Lorella | Anna Taj and Pierre Fouladoux Photographer:Andrea | Ruben in front of the mixing desk. He, Bruno and Michael were the sound engineers in charge of the sound. Photographer:Andrea | From left: Rolf and Edo. Photographer:Andrea | Saravanan Photographer:Andrea | The Anna Taj Band. Photographer:Andrea | Pierre Fouladoux. Photographer:Lorella | More than 20 eco stalls were present at the event.
02 Feb / 2013Program by:
Featured: RolfLanguage: English

Anna Taj Band at LUYE 2013

It was still hot in the afternoon at Solitude Farm. The sound engineers and volunteer team were working hard on tuning all the gear on the stage to provide the best sound possible. Anna Taj with the band has hit the stage with some powerful rock tunes, and shaken the audience out of mellow mood of previous acoustic experience. Anna and band have managed, despite some technical difficulties (and which bigger event hasn’t got them?), to share with the community also some new songs, just recently published on the new CD.