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Auroville Earth Institute Open House

In honor of the 50th anniversary, the Earth Institute was hosting an open house on its campus on 19th and 20th February.
This two-day event was open to all those interested in learning more about earthen architecture and the
Earth Institute’s activities, enjoying dynamic soil science demonstrations, hands-on stations showcasing different
earth-building techniques, exhibitions, explanatory videos and more.
In this video Nadia interviewed Hilary as she guided us during these days of open house.



  • Jorge

    Is this Auroville Earth Institute?
    Do you you have a website? I would like to know more of how to do an internship to learn to make earth bricks.

  • I want to build my Indian cow farm at Hyderabad, with rammed earth bricks, walls, pullers, roof, floor. How do I take the guidance from Auroville Earth Institute.

  • Sachidanandam Ganesh

    Regarding training on earth block construction

  • I am interested in cseb making.
    Want to build my own home. And wish to manufacturing cseb .

  • good day i need to learn eco friendly homes. construction…in earth institute…