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10 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: JesseLanguage: English

Auroville Underground Music (Promo) – Interview with Jesse

What is it?
The Auroville Underground Music Festival (AUM) is a festival dedicated to experimental music and sound and will feature artists working with:
• the creation of atmospheric sound landscapes,
• interesting new vibrational experiences,
• custom synth and bass sounds;
• Loops, beats and all the fun dancy stuff that comes with the new landscapes of 21st century music.
The Festival has a large ‘open-mic’ section and invites anyone with something experimental and interesting to offer to come forward and share with the festival. Acoustic, electronic, hiphop, undefined, bring it! Food & Craft Marketeers Wanted! The Festival will also feature and food and craft market, so if you have something delicious or amazing that you’d like to sell to the good people of the Auroville Underground Music Festival (AUM), then please send an email describing your products to Otherwise WhatsApp on +91948 6623 749