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Somos Pacifico

Cumbia, musical diversity, as a result of clash of different cultures in the area of South America, starting in Colombia, and spreading fast to the whole area, along with islands of middle America or West Indies…..
ChocquibTown – Somos Pacifico
Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos
Celia Cruz – La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Calle 13 – Latinoamerica
Lagrimas Negras – Cuba Feliz
La Delio Vladez – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia
La Sonora Carruseles – Mosaico Cumbias
Los Warahuaco – El Pescador de Baru
Joaquin Bedoya Y Su Conjunto – Llegaron Las Putierrez
Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica
Los Hijos del Sol – Carinito – The Roots of Chicha
Ondatropica- Cumbia Espacial
Bomba Estereo – Soy Yo
Los Angeles Azules – Cumbia Pa Gozar
ChocquibTown – Hasta Que Amanezca

All Around The World

In today’s musical podcast we are featuring some of newly songs on the scene of pop, hip hop, dubstep….. dancable


Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out of Love
Cake – Never There
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
The Score – Revolution
MGMT – Electric Feel
Fall Out Boy – Young And Menace
Kendrick Lamar – Humble
Jonas Blue – Mama ft. William Singe
Mura Masa – All Around The World
Lorde – Green Light
Mr. Probz – Till You’re Loved
The Kooks – Bad Habit
Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee – Despacito ft. Justin Bieber
Autograf – Simple ft. Victoria Zaro
Gorillaz – Sleeping Powder
Remady & Manu-L – L.I.F.E.
Charlie Puth – Attention
Zayn – Still Got Time ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR
Drake – Passion Fruit
KREAM – Taped Up Heart ft. Clara Mae
Seizo – Oh, Baby

A Dream Down to Earth

For past couple of years Serens is traveling around the planet and exploring intentional communities. Her path brought her to Auroville as well where she was exploring how Auroville is today, how much it has achieved, and how much more still needs to go. We will be able to see her exploration as a world premiere of her new film – Auroville: A Dream Down to Earth on Tuesday 12th of January at 5.30pm at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone. For that screening Serena has prepared selection of other her short films on intentional communities around the world beside the Auroville’s one which would be seen the last. Serena admires vast knowledge of Auroville community regarding spirituality, different projects and above all human unity; but she is less enthusiastic about AV architecture which she finds mostly unsustainable..

Owiny Sigoma Band

Owiny Sigoma Band’s debut was released two years ago after a group of London-based musicians traveled to Kenya to collaborate with nyatiti master musician and music teacher Joseph Nyamungu and Luo drummer Charles Owoko. The results on the self-titled disc seemed to reflect on the visitors quickly learning from their hosts, as they produced a set of songs largely based on traditional Luo folk, comprised of irregular rhythms, with poppier songs like ‘Wires’ and ‘Here On The Line’ representing the English musicians influence. Their second album, Power Punch!!!, sees the dynamic reversed, as the duo from Nairobi make the trip to London to this time learn a thing or two from the quartet of Jesse Hackett (vocals, keys), Louis Hackett (bass), Sam Lewis (guitar) and Tom Skinner (drums). The latter introduced some new musical styles to their guests, including shangaan electro, electronic and techno, inspiring the group to develop their sound exploring exciting new sonic territory.

Owiny Sigoma Band’s Nyanza is available through Gilles Peterson‘s label Brownswood Recordings.


Luo Land – OSB
Changaa Attack – OSB
I Made You You Made Me – OSB
Owegi Owandho – OSB
Here on the Line – OSB
Nyiduonge Drums -OSB
Wires – OSB
Kararu Hits 1 – OSB Edit (unreleased – Kenya)
Yemmpa Aba – Ata Kak (Awesome Tapes – Ghana)
Kararu Hits 2 – OSB Edit (unreleased – Kenya)
Fishermans Camp Pt. 2 – OSB (unreleased – Kenya/UK)
The Grasshopper – Elmore Judd + Rowan Park (UK)
Track 2 – Charles Owoko (unreleased – Kenya)
Lucas Malore (Benny Hill edit) – OSB (unreleased – Kenya/UK)
Demo – Albert Sempeke + Jesse Hackett (unreleased – Uganda/UK)

Concentration for Last School

“…We chose the Supreme Light of the Divine Sound, we aspired that may impel our minds…ohm …” Last School met the day that new spaces between Kalabhumi and Future School were ready to move on. Official opening – concentration/meditation gathered students, teachers, parents, and also those who were present in the Last School from its beginnings. Deepti gave an inaugurational speech after mantra. Joyful conversation between all gathered marked the festive occasion while admiring the new space, and last week made art instalation – circles

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2014

Improvisations on Violin

Although Pitanga last night was not so crowded due to many events in Auroville, were those who have came to listen to Tyler Carson indeed an attentive audience. Tyler, a volunteer in Auroville, has shared some of his exploration on the violin over the years as part of his spiritual growth. On some parts music has evoked distant memories( Celtic folk music) trough the the physical attributes of the sound which is able to touch all parts of our bodies; and in time was the silence of just played tone that which was telling the story

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Mar 2013

Happy Birthday Mother!

We’re featuring the Mother’s voice reading the Charter in in French, broadcasted on 28th of February 1968, announcing to a whole India that new community was born. At that occasion the Mother was sitting in her room in Ashram, and the All India Radio broadcasted her words to the Matrimandir Amphitheater where the inauguration ceremony was in the process. The Mother’s voice was at the same time broadcasted all over the India, and that was the birth of All India Radio. Marc Vella offers concert on 26.2. around 6pm at Matrimandir Amphitheater.

Surrender: the decision to hand over the responsibility of your life to the Divine. This is done either through the mind or the emotion or the life-impulse or through all of the together.The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2013


In today’s news we are featuring an excerpt of interview with Irena, one of the organizers of ONE BILLION RISING, a global event where will be one billion women and men dancing worldwide to rise against violence against women. She has invited the community to come on Valentine’s Day 14th at Eucalyptus Groove between 4 to 5pm. Ilaignarkal Education Centre from tomorrow until Sunday 17th every day between 9.20am to 6.30pm is inviting the community to a CHILDERNS BOOK FAIR. Tomorrow

A grieving father named Robert S. Marcus was the recipient of the following letter of condolence in 1950, not long after his son succumbed to polio. It was written by Albert Einstein. A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish the delusion but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Feb 2013

Auroville – World Heritage site?

In today’s news we’re featuring Martine explaining the presentation “Auroville ” A world Heritage Site for the future?”, which she will share with the community on Wednesday at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso in Town Hall. The workshop on developing guidelines on what we want from new buildings by L’avenir and RAS is postponed to Monday 28th, between 4 to 7pm and at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. Tomorrow between 5 to 8pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone Any Carroll will hold an interactive motivational workshop The Ego Tango

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jan 2013

Reducing the Electricity Bill

This morning Auroville Cyclone Response Team (AVCRT) and the secretary of Auroville Foundation Mr. Balabaskar inaugurated the new solar plant at the Town Hall with its capacity of 10KW. The gathering was also an occasion to display all the vehicles that were bought by found given by Government of India for the relief of cyclone Thane damages. Following is the short interview with Mr. Balabaskar, Divia and Ramesh, followed by sound scape of presentation of one of the vehicles put on display outside of Town Hall with its capacity to shred twigs.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Dec 2012