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Owiny Sigoma Band

Owiny Sigoma Band’s debut was released two years ago after a group of London-based musicians traveled to Kenya to collaborate with nyatiti master musician and music teacher Joseph Nyamungu and Luo drummer Charles Owoko. The results on the self-titled disc seemed to reflect on the visitors quickly learning from their hosts, as they produced a set of songs largely based on traditional Luo folk, comprised of irregular rhythms, with poppier songs like ‘Wires’ and ‘Here On The Line’ representing the English musicians influence. Their second album, Power Punch!!!, sees the dynamic reversed, as the duo from Nairobi make the trip to London to this time learn a thing or two from the quartet of Jesse Hackett (vocals, keys), Louis Hackett (bass), Sam Lewis (guitar) and Tom Skinner (drums). The latter introduced some new musical styles to their guests, including shangaan electro, electronic and techno, inspiring the group to develop their sound exploring exciting new sonic territory.

Owiny Sigoma Band’s Nyanza is available through Gilles Peterson‘s label Brownswood Recordings.


Luo Land – OSB
Changaa Attack – OSB
I Made You You Made Me – OSB
Owegi Owandho – OSB
Here on the Line – OSB
Nyiduonge Drums -OSB
Wires – OSB
Kararu Hits 1 – OSB Edit (unreleased – Kenya)
Yemmpa Aba – Ata Kak (Awesome Tapes – Ghana)
Kararu Hits 2 – OSB Edit (unreleased – Kenya)
Fishermans Camp Pt. 2 – OSB (unreleased – Kenya/UK)
The Grasshopper – Elmore Judd + Rowan Park (UK)
Track 2 – Charles Owoko (unreleased – Kenya)
Lucas Malore (Benny Hill edit) – OSB (unreleased – Kenya/UK)
Demo – Albert Sempeke + Jesse Hackett (unreleased – Uganda/UK)