Today's episode consists of a quote from Sri Aurobindo regarding the real reason for developing the body: to make it strong and supple in order to express a higher consciousness. Musical selections feature from all around the world.

Music with Marlenka; a selection of pieces, mostly Western classical, to listen to with not only an appreciation for the art of the composers and the players but also to immerse yourself with the flow of the journey...

Music! Various kinds of music! It has been said that music makes the world go round, that music is prayer, and even that music is proof positive of the presence of God … if any of it fits, why, it’s yours!

Man is not content with living only in the present; he is moved to look before and after ... mind and life in each moment carry a complex of forces ... concealed, potent contributory causes and with our limited intelligence we cannot calculate accurately.

After the supramental transformation, the supramental sense will provide a relation with all things, persons, powers and forces in all planes of existence. Contact, communication and union with the Divine we shall enjoy ...

There are immense ranges of which we could be aware if we opened the doors of our inner being. Ranges already in action, known to a subliminal self in us; much of our surface consciousness is directly projected from them.

Lifting the level of consciousness from the mind to the supermind must bring with it, to be complete, a transformation of all the parts of the nature and, all its activities. Discordant elements become transformed; all becomes Ananda.

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