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04 Jan / 2020Program by:

AVFF 2020 – interview to Christoph Pohl and Aravindan G.P.

“Ever Slow Green, re-afforestation in Auroville, South India” is Christoph’s latest documentary about the reality of our forest. It’s being screened during the AVFF on Tuesday 7th Jan at 20:00 in the venue of Cinema Paradiso. Listen to Nadia interviewing Chistoph Pohl, director and producer, and Aravindan G.P., cinematographer, discussing about Auroville forest, movie-making and stylistic choices linked to their documentary.

Music at the beginning of the programme is by Greg Davis from the album “Curling pond woods” 2004, soundtrack of “Ever Slow Green, re-afforestation in Auroville, Sounth India” by Christoph Pohl.


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  • bastian Schulte

    Namaste ji
    Wie gehts dir?
    Ich fliege am 10.1 nach Chennai und treffe eine Freundin in tiruvanemalei.
    Dann bin ja eigentlich ganz in der Nähe von dir. Vielleicht klappt das ja mit einem Wiedersehen. Lg bastian