Photographer:Zarin | Nimmy and Aravind Photographer:web | Nimmy Rpahel Photographer:web | Nimmy in monologue Nidrawatham Photographer:web | Bali on 7th of April at 7pm at Adishakti
02 Apr / 2018Program by:

Bali, a theater play by Nimmy Rapahel at Adishakti

After 4 years on coming Saturday 7th, we will have a chance to see an original production of Adishakti team for the first time after demise of Adishakti’s funder Veenapani Chawla; yet the play is upholding the very best traditions set by Veenapani.
In conversation with director of the play Nimmy Rapahel, and Aravind we get to know what the play is about (after the epic story of Ramayana) depicting classical story of rivalry between two brothers for the kingdom in the forest.
Despite being the classical story, it will be killingly funny by use of slapstick, exaggerating certain moments.