Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Rando Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Nico drummer and Ingo harmonica Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Edo electric guitar Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Mahatma electric bass guitar Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Ingo harmonica Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Final bow - Nico, Edo, Rando and Mahatma Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Eclectic Audience
04 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: EdoLanguage: English

Bullet Proof Funk Kills at Kalabhumi Goes Live November 2018 Edition

On Friday night , 30 November, the Kalabhumi Goes Live November 2018 Edition drew an eclectic crowd that was blown away by Bullet Proof Funk, a rock, blues and funk band formed by Aurovilians: Rando – lead singer, Edo – electric lead guitar, Nico – drummer and Mahatma – electric bass guitar. Ingo joined the band on stage to play his mean harmonica for Hoochie Coochie Man, which is now one of Rando’s signature cover tunes.

The band came together and blew the crowd away with tight tunes that highlighted Rando’s singing range and styles from sweet to bawdy and Edo’s dexterity moving in and out of rhythm and lead parts on guitar skillfully changing up with FX pedals boosting, fuzzing and distorting like a pro. Nico counted off on drums starting up the tunes and kept the band rocking on time all night kicking and hitting the just right variations. Mahatma played bass guitar with a great attitude keeping solid time and giving space allowing the tunes to breathe.


Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
Who Did That to You –- John Legend
Tighten Up –- The Black Keys
Hoochie Coochie Man –- Muddy Waters
Grandma’s Hands –- Bill Withers
Freedom –- George Michael
Folsom Prison -– Johnny Cash
Seven Nation Army –- The White Stripes
Valerie -– Amy Winehouse
Rolling In the Deep -– Adele
Supersition -– Stevie Wonder
Hard to Handle -– Otis Redding