Photographer:Gino | Eco-friendly pencils Photographer:Gino | Bamboo tea, bamboo drinks, and honey by Auroannam Photographer:Gino | Bamboom containers for tea by Auroannam Photographer:Gino | Children lighting up a Chinese Wish Lamp Photographer:Gino | Self Discovery though Experiencial Learning Photographer:Gino | Looking at a Youth Link poster Photographer:Gino | Fire juggling show
13 Aug / 2018Program by:

Celebrating the International Youth Day at the Town Hall of Auroville

The celebration opened with a collective dance on the theme of solidarity and trust. Then a Chinese wish lamp was lit by children.
I went around looking at various stalls. Some were exhibiting alternative products such as eco-friendly pencils, bamboo tea and bamboo drinks. Others were promoting educational programs or temporary housing projects.
The evening ended with a fire juggling show.