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09 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Fred LondonLanguage: English

Collaborative Planning Sessions – Fred London on Eco City Principles

In the first afternoon of well attended Open Participatory Session with the community within week long Collaborative Planning Sessions with Von Zadow International brought first presentation of Fred London on Helathy Placemkaing.
Fred London who is Fred London of JTP from UK, who is an Architect, Urban Designer, Community Planner, EU EcoCity-Projetcs, Healthy Cities Specialist, Lateral Thinker, Participation techniques, Cartoonist …. presented few examples of healthy solutions for city centers.
Presentation was followed by exercise with participants in small groups on first impulse on the presentation in relation to the situation in Auroville, and a question to Fred. Groups came to few common thought – how to deal with a mix owned land usage, how to provide more healthy and safe walking and cycle paths, how to provide healthy public transport within Crown and Ring road. Fred tried to answered as many possible questions.