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11 Jan / 2019Program by:

Collaborative Planning Sessions – Livable Cities, Spiritual Design

4th presentation within Open Participatory Session of Collaborative Planning Session with Von Zadow international Team Joachim Eble, EMP from Germany, an Architect, Urban Designer, Eco-Strategies, Eco-Design, Spiritual Design, Co-operative Housing and Living Communities
presented Livalbe Cities, and Spiritual Design, presented Livalbe Cities and Spirtual Desing.
Andreas von Zadow presented Joachim as on of the first architects who started with eco architecture by use of materials, and the way of building with sustainable sources of energy.
Joachim in his introduction confessed that the view on Auroville’s Galaxy 5 decades back has changed his life path and career.
In interesting presentation of people focused communities whereby parameters of sustainability are fully, and advancing present, thus creating body friendly and pleasant environment of living conditions, which consequently thrive as well in social life, and engagement of the living community.
Towards the end Joachim talked about spiritual part of the design process on few examples of projects, and mentioned that most likely Auroville will also have to start to implement those dimension in planning.