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27 Feb / 2018Program by:
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Come Together to understand each other better

About Come Together or Sangamam Celebration we talked also with Selvaraj, one of the active members to organize the event. As he says, for the first time it would be on display an exhibition on Auroville history and ideals set by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo fully in Tamil language.
However the full Sunday 4th of March at Aurodam football ground (next to Visitors Centre) will be in the spirit of Tamil culture prepared by the group, and with an updates on Auroville in Tamil language.. We would be able to see folk dances, performances, many stall would offer variety of displays, along with the ones on education. Chidlren will be able to play, and explore in the corner prepared for them.
Since the food is a binding point in most cultures carrying a vital importance (of course the Tamil culture is no exception in that), there will be lunch prepared for everyone.
The group warmly invites all workers, avilians, population from nearby villages ….. and AV should not forget that Auroville is in the Tamil Nadu, whereby 1/3 of population is consisted of Tamil population, 5000 workers daily work here, and in surrounding villages are about 30 000 people.