Photographer:Divya | Jean-Pierre Pigeau with Cristo Photographer:Divya | Surya helping out during the workshop Photographer:Divya | Children practicing techniques Photographer:Divya | Jean-Pierre with his student from France demonstrates a technique Photographer:Divya | Aikido workshop bringing together people of all ages Photographer:Divya | Little Pooja demonstrates a technique she learnt from Jean-Pierre himself!
21 Feb / 2012Program by:

Conversation with Aikido Masters

Cristo, an Aurovillian since 1974, along with Surya and others, is deeply involved in conducting Aikido classes for both children and adults at Auroville. In Feb 2012, he organized a workshop and to lead it, invited Jean-Pierre Pigeau, 6th Dan Teacher in Paris and executive of the French Federation of Aikido and Budo (FFAB). In this conversation with them we learn how Aikido helps one to balance the body and mind, and also how in a way this martial art connects with the philosophy of Auroville of ‘transformation of the consciousness’.

English (but in parts with French translated to English)