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29 Jan / 2016Program by:

Cool down, right here

Daniel Greenberg, founder and CEO of the NGO EarthDeeds and official of the Global Ecovillage Network GEN, is visiting Auroville where he used to live for five years. Yesterday, he spoke about local solutions to minimize the Global Warming, which will cause serious damage to our planet and manhood at least for the upcoming 10.000 years.

Offsetting was one of the most popular strategies to reduce carbon footprints. People calculated their footprint for a flight or for consuming and gave as a compensation some amount of money for example to green Ngos. Greenberg is questioning this idea as it was practiced and invented the concept of “Onsetting”, which is much more local and direct. He doesn’t believe that it will be possible to reach the aim of zero carbon emission, but living in Ecovillages and offering ecological education can be a big step to live more sustainable.

A summary of the speak which contains the most important parts of Greenbergs presentation and of the discussion with the Audience.