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24 Jul / 2014Program by:

Dance, Poetry, Paintings

Today between 6.30 to 7.30 we re invited to Shivan Temple in Irumbai village to enjoy Mohanam Students performance at Slanagai Pooja. Tomorrow Trovadores at 5.30pm at UP in IZ will join the World Poetry Movement for 1000 years of Peace. And we are welcome to join them with our poems in our respective languages.
Adishakti presents Workshop – ‘Exploring the Gendered Body in performance ‘ by Veena Basavarajaiah on 26th July at 7pm at Adishakti. Saturday at 4.30pm at Gallery Square Circle, Kale Kendra inauguration of an exhibition by Juergen Puetz

As we progress and purify ourselves of our egoism, our friendship with the Divine becomes more and more clear and conscious.
The Mother