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Category Archives: Ecology Awareness

Regenerative Urban Development

Peter Head, Director of Arup and Executive Chairman of Ecological Sequestration Trust, United Kingdom, sheds light on Regenerative Urban Development based on his personal journey. Peter has been to 29 countries analayzing and discussing the issues of achieving more sustainable ways of living . A Civil Engineer by profession, he discussed ways to take some of Auroville's experience and sharing it with the rest of the world and across India besides policies and investments needed in India in fashioning townships to improve quality of life.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Sep 2011

Can You Breathe?

We are more or less aware - depends on the level of health problem we got due to the location, that Karuvadikuppam dump site affect Auroville and the nearby villages. Pondicherry Municipality use this landfill to dump unsegregated urban waste, where methane formed by anaerobic decomposition of organic matter bursts into spontaneous combustion and sets aflame the inorganic waste. When plastic is melted down, its chemical structure changes and carcinogenic gases are released. What can we do to stop the Municipality to stop burning the waste?

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Aug 2011
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