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02 Aug / 2011Program by:
Featured: Uday BhawalkarLanguage: English

Evening Raga at Pitanga

Uday Bhawalkar started his rendition at Pitanga Cultural Centre with Rag Pooriya, an evening Rag. This was followed by another Rag after a short interval. The rendition was performed in two specific parts Alap and Bandish. He is one of India’s foremost exponents of Hindustani vocal music in the Dhrupad tradition, the oldest existing form of Indian classical music. The nature of this music is spiritual and is based more on a sense of worship than entertainment. The music did induce a feeling of peace and contemplation in the listener.

Uday Bhawalkar was accompanied on the Pakawaj by Pratap Awadh and vocally by his students, Sagar and Jaisingh. This is his fourth visit to Auroville and he is also offering workshops.