Photographer:Silke | Interactive session on (Photographer: Silke)" rel="" /> Photographer:Silke | Heidi Watts explored the concept of democratic decision making over decades in her classrooms. Photographer:Silke | Some of the advantages and challenges of democratic schools served as basis for the discussion. Photographer:Silke | Among the participants were many teachers and parents. They shared their experiences in classroom settings. Photographer:Silke | In her classrooms Heidi puts up the (Photographer: Silke)" rel="" /> Photographer:Silke | Lively discussions among participants were encouraged in the session on democratic classrooms. Photographer:Silke | Chris Sperry was Heidi's student in the 1970s. Her sessions changed his life completely, he sais.

Exploring Democratic Classrooms

Heidi Watts and Chris Sperry explored the concept of democratic classrooms over decades in different types of schools in the United States. Democratic schools encourage students to make their own decisions as a student community. This practice cultivates student ownership and student responsibility. In Auroville’s Teacher Center both, teachers and parents discussed the chances and challenges as well as opportunities and limits to student decisions. The final conclusion: Let’s meet again on that topic!