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17 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Kosha JoubertLanguage: English

Exploring the Global Ecovillage Network, Talk by Kosha Jouber at Humascapes

Kosha Joubert serving currently as the Executive Director of Global
Ecovillage Network
having worked extensively in the fields of curriculum development, international collaboration and sustainable development gives a truly inspiring talk on creating a new culture which focuses on sustainability and also educates the students gathered at the YouthLink?s Prosperity Hall, Humanscapes Campus on Ecovillages and Ecocities. Kosha will also conduct a course in Auroville where students from all over the world will attend a ‘Training of Trainers’. Kosha throws light onto the developments of Eco-villages and also puts forward the difficulties that affect the development of it, she also presented the various principals GEN follows to uplift the Eco-culture. The soulful interaction between Kosha and the gathered proves to be motivating to every listener, tune in to further your horizons on the very significant movement of the sustainable culture.