Photographer:Julie | As many girls as boys were participating. Photographer:Julie | The funiest part of the day was the race of the afternoon. Photographer:Julie | Even sport teachers took part to this sporty day. Photographer:Julie | Nobody won but everybody enjoyed. Photographer:Julie | After 5 pm, children were welcomed for a funny race. Photographer:Julie | After sport, a good and huge breakfast. Photographer:Julie | Fifty particpants registred.
24 Mar / 2013Program by:
Featured: RajeevLanguage: English

First Auroville Athletics Meet

Last Sunday was a sporty day for Aurovillians! The first Auroville Athletics Meet took place at Dehashakti Sports Complex, next to Dana. Around 50 people registered, mainly teenagers of the school and their sport teacher. From 8 in the morning, they practised 100 m race, 800 m race and long jump before a good breakfast. At 5 pm, a fun race was organized with the feet linked together. Despite of the lack of participants, Rajeev, one of the coordinator, was satisfied of the enthusiam of youngers. He hopes that more adults will join next time.