Photographer:Sanya | Mohana, Ahilya, Jonas and Jiva
17 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: AhilyaLanguage: English

First Insights on Auroville Gap Year Programme

Auroville Campus Initiative had launched a one year Gap Year Programme specifically designed for Auroville youth, aged 17-30 years, and in the studio we were in conversation with 4 out of 10 youth about it. Ahilya, Mohana, Jiva and Jonas shared with us some thought, first impressions … from being “lost” to be helped or nudged into a constructive direction. While trying to “find” themselves they already discovered more about Auroville, and its functioning, they looked up to their core values, and what those got to do with the direction of one’s life. Interesting, the whole group found out that their common point was caring, in order to form a connection to help others, and strive to better humanity. Gap Year Programme to them is a valuable tool for which they are thankful.
On the way they have a full support of AGYP team – Sophie, Manoj, Lalit, Valentine, under umbrella of Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI)within Department of Further Learning, SAIIER