Photographer:Akshay | Soukarya Ghosal, Writer, Director and Producer of Rainbow Jelly
25 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: Soukarya GhosalLanguage: English

Getting To Know Soukarya Ghosal, Director of Rainbow Jelly

On Monday, 24th September, 2018, Auroville got the chance to watch the much-acclaimed, Rainbow Jelly. The director of the film, Soukarya Ghosal was not only there to introduce the film and answer questions from the audience, he also came back to give AurovilleRadio an interview.

The sit-down interview with Mr. Ghosal covered everything from his views on the film industry to his film, Rainbow Jelly and even his experience working with popular superstar, Radhika Apte! Mr. Ghosal’s passion pours through every single word, and it is plainly obvious that this is a man truly dedicated to his craft, honoring what makes it so special in the first place.