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09 May / 2018Program by:

GM For The Land Protection In Auroville

On the 7th May 2018, a general meeting was held at Unity Pavillion, where The Land Protection Group, Bertrand, Carel, Martin Littlewood, Pashi, Paul Vincent, Sauro and Suhasini, gave an update on recent developments about the proposal by the Tamil Nadu Government to form a development authority which would include Auroville, along with 19 revenue villages, within its area. Many questions were asked and opinions given about the pros and cons and the protection this might give to Auroville against commercial developers building within and out of harmony with the master plan.
The second part of the meeting was about trying to develop a land purchase strategy, along with the fund raising needed, which is obviously the best and safest way, to collectively focus our energy on acquiring all the land within the master plan of Auroville.