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14 Jan / 2014Program by:
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GM Water Maintenance Service

Last Tuesday afternoon a well attended GM was held on the Water Maintenance Service, at the Unity Pavilion. Krishan presented a report on the WMS finances and budgeting and Wazo a proposal on the location for the new building, in the service area, as well as a structure of the global vision of the service. They also gave us a short report on the actual Auroville water distribution and maintenance situation. At the end of the meeting, they formulated the following questions for a Residents’ Assembly Decision-Making Event, to be held soon:

Question one: "Transforming Auroville Water Service into a City Service": Do you agree to transform the Auroville Water Maintenance Service (WMS) to a City Service under the City Services Budget called’ "Pour Tous Water Service" supplying a basic set of essential maintenance services?" Question Two: "Physical Development of Service Area": Do you want the concerned working groups to give priority to the physical development of the Service Area?"