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02 Nov / 2019Program by:
Featured: MarlenkaLanguage: English

Good Music/Good Words n.4

Welcome to good music, good words from the studio of Auroville Radio . Hello from Marlenka!
I have chosen some selections of classical music, performed by famous and excellent musicians, to be listened to for enjoyment as well as an aid on your journey toward a peaceful state of mind. Plus some selectons from the writings of Sri Aurobindo . . .

The musical selections feature one from classical guitarist David Russell, two from classical violinist Daniel Hope, one from Brazilian-Portuguese guitarist Baden Powell, and concluding with a number by Ry Cooder of American Blues renown.

One of the goals of Auroville is to make the body we have been given into something better; to give the body the possibility of becoming strong and supple enough to express a higher consciousness . . . the body must be improved, perfected . . .this cannot be done if we neglect it . Physical activities are not to be for little personal needs and satisfactions, but to make the body more capable of a higher beauty and, consciousness . . . it is not a question of ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ at all. All is possible . . . there can be no question about the power to change, to awaken, to develop . . .

May your week be filled with music!