Photographer:Wobbli | Marlenka and Tom
03 Jan / 2020Program by:

Good Music/Good Words n.9

Water. The topic of today. Tom of Auroville’s Water Group speaks with eloquence and passion and clarity about water. We have been alerted and reminded regularly that in fact a severe water crisis is upon us. Not only in Auroville, but worldwide. And as Tom points out, water belongs to no one.
Hear Tom explain and clarify some of the many misconceptions that most of us harbour concerning rainfall, water usage, rainwater harvesting, water conservation, water recycling … et al. Asking Tom what he may foresee in the future, he states that we must wake up: we know of the carbon footprint but actually there should be a water footprint. Further, that Nature always recovers. Acknowledging that fact, we thought to realize that at the rate we Earth inhabitants are blindly going on, it is we who may disappear …in time, nature will recover from our follies.

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(background music: Fordlandia composer Johan Johannson)