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Gqom Oh

Gqom is a style of house music that emerged a decade into the 21st century from the city of Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.. The style features wavy and bass beats produced with software such as FL Studio , and has gained prominence in London. The word gqom, sometimes expressed as qgom, igqom, gqomu or variants thereof, derives from an onomatopoeic combination of click consonants from the Zulu & the Xhosa language that represents a hitting drum. Music connoisseurs who were actively and rigorously involved in influencing the masses to accept and embrace the new, shift-shaping sound included the likes of South African rapper, Okmalumkoolkat, Italian record label Gqom Oh owner, Malumz Kole, Afrotainment record label owner, DJ Tira as well as music taste-maker and personal public relations liaison, Cherish LaLa Mankai]. Related artists are DJ Lag, DJ Bongz, Lord The Dj, Dj Noffoh, Dj Nkaa, Rudeboyz, Distruction Boyz, DJ Maphorisa and Babes Wodumo. ……and many more

“Gqom music relates a lot to house music but it is also slightly different from house music, it is very tribal and the kick drum has an unfamiliar pattern,” adds Emo Kid. “It is very easy to identify a gqom sound because it is unique.”

“It’s notable that many of the artists have chosen a name denoting their youth. Gqom is very much geared towards a new generation favouring internet sharing and noisy, rebellious sounds, and it shares the DIY spirit of punk or dubstep. It isn’t completely clear who christened the genre, but gqom – a Zulu language colloquialism meaning ‘drum’ – translates as something like ‘noise’ or ‘bang’ in current parlance, says Citizen Boy.