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18 Aug / 2020Program by:

Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.18 “The Freedom to Happiness: Sri Aurobindo’s 5 Dreams”

Happiness, Love and Laughter
August 17, 2020 with Fif / MeDiClown Academy
EP. 18 – The Freedom to Happiness: Sri Aurobindo’s 5 Dreams (12.53 min)

This week dedicate our program to Sri Aurobindo, India’s great Freedom Fighter, Philosopher, Poet, Spiritual Teacher and Yogi. On Aug 15 we aired a special on Him. Today we replay part of that program. Joining Fif are Deepti who has lived in Auroville for over 40 years; and Rohan and Smiti, two of our Auroville youth will read Sri Aurobindo’s 5 Dreams for India, and the World. On the eve of India’s Independence, on August 14, 19475, Sri Aurobindo was requested to read the 5 Dreams on the All India Radio.

Thanks to Lata Mangeshkar who sung Vande Mataram song


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