Photographer:Silke | Heidi Watts encouraged democracy in her classrooms in different ways over many years in the United States. Photographer:Silke | Democracy in the classroom comes with advantages and challenges. Photographer:Silke | Participants of the interactive talk discussed and shared own experiences as teachers and parents. Photographer:Silke | Heidi puts a list of problems, plans and solutions in her classroom. Students fill it out as basis for decisions. Photographer:Silke | Heidi led an interactive session on democracy in the classroom in Auroville's Teacher Center. Photographer:Silke | Heidi doesn't like the image of a teacher (Photographer: Silke)" rel="" /> Photographer:Silke | The Auroville Teacher Center offers resources for teachers.
20 Jan / 2017Program by:
Featured: Heidi WattsLanguage: English

Heidi Watts: Democratic Classroom

Heidi Watts taught in different settings in the United States for decades. Once she was the head teacher of a small alternative school in the US in which she intensively encouraged democractic decision making processes among her students.

In democratic schools students make decisions with varying importance and varying methods, depending on the setting and their experience. Group discussions sometimes include the use of talking sticks and exceed the classic majority rule by far. Limits for students’ decision were usually around topics of health and safety as well as academic issues.