Photographer:Sandrine | Satyamayi and Leela at Evergreen Riding School Photographer:Sandrine | Sarah, leader of Evergreen Riding School Photographer:Sandrine | Leela interviewing Satyamayi Photographer:Sandrine | Satyamayi recording one horse of Evergreen Photographer:Sandrine | Leela and Satyamayi at Evergreen Photographer:Sandrine | Sarah and Satyamayi at Evergreen Photographer:Sandrine | Leela interviewing Satyamayi at Evergreen
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Horse my friend

Amongst the riding schools of Auroville, Evergreen Farm occupies a special place.
Sarah, the creator and leader of the school, was inspired by Pat Parelli, the founder of the Natural Horse-man-ship approach.
She affirms: Its not about teaching a technique, its all about learning how to read the horse. This process of communication works towards building a friendship.
Respect, observation without judgment, mutual understanding, truthfulness, full presence and clarity of intention are all necessary. You cannot lie to a horse!

Thats why most of the work starts on the ground.
With friendly games we create a joyful and trustful relationship. Later, children ride but without a saddle or a bit, only with a simple bridle, to become one with the horse, says Satyamayi. She is a 12 years old student who dreams to run, like Sarah, her own riding school one day.
Here, Sarah, Leela (11 years old) and Satyamayi share their love for the horses, interview each other, read some basic principles of Horsemanship from Parellis book, and much more.