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Photographer:Stephen | Christine

I like Auroville it is nice!

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Christine. a French citizen is a guest at Auroville. Its only been two months since her arrival here and she feels so comforted at Auroville. She expressed that the climates in India and especially in Pondicherry and Auroville are quite amazing. She was in quiet amusement on how the place and people of Pondicherry and Auroville would be like, but the atmosphere here puts her amusement to an end and she starts enjoying the place. She is thankful to her friend who has invited her to Auroville and is glad to be a part of the Auroville community.

One should visit the Auroville to enjoy the climate and surroundings, she later added

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Mastan Feb 16, 2016 Reply

nice piece of information

Srikanth Feb 16, 2016 Reply

a good talk

HARI CHANDANA BOTTA Feb 17, 2016 Reply

Brief and informative.
Excellent work.

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