Photographer:Yasna | Anita warmly invites all stake holders i.e all residents to participate
07 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: AnitaLanguage: English

If You Care, Be There, says Anita with invitation to participate

Our planning body l’Avenir d’Auroville is facing many challenges in their scope of work to plan and build a city, matching The Mother’s vision and ideals of Auroville. And when this year the opportunity was offered to them to have Andreas von Zadow and the team of international professionals from the field of planning to work with us, they happily accepted. This workshop is offered to celebrate the 50th anniversary from the side of AVI members, some individual residents to really look at Why have we not been able to translate multiple attempts in the last decades into action?
Workshop is divided in two parts, where morning sessions would be dedicated to committed brainstorming with the team, and afternoons will present few initiatives, followed by walk in interactive session. All the work, along with conclusions and proposals with all the inputs from residents will be presented on Saturday 12th of Janaury at 5pm.