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In Memoriam Shyam Sundar

On Saturday, 14thAugust, a memorialgathering was held in Savitri Bhavan dedicated to Syam Sundar who recently passedaway. Shyam Sundar was appointed by the Mother asthe secretary of Auroville affairs and was involved in the township project from the verybeginning. About thirty Aurovilians and fifteen Ashramites gathered in SavitriBhavan to pay tribute toShyam Sundar. After a short meditation, several friendsspontaneously shared their reminiscences of Shyamsunder, who had taken significantroles in his lifetime.

Shyam Sundar played a central role in the unfolding of Auroville in the early years as Mother entrusted him with the responsibility for the project.

I will always have goodwill for Auroville – Shyam Sundar